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From the restrictive corsets of the late 1800s to the revealing thongs of the early 20th century, women's lingerie has changed drastically. This evolution mirrors changes in society regarding both the role of women and the ideals of beauty. Thanks to such items as the laced, corseted waist of turn-of-the-century coquettes, the uplifted busts of early-1990s supermodels, the sexy lingerie of a 1950s pin-up, and the see-through (or entirely absent) bras of the 1970s, women's underwear has provided the unseen superstructure on which modern canons of beauty have been based. (“Hidden Underneath: A History of Lingerie” Farid Chenoune)
We created Valens Fashion Line (wholesale) because we embrace lingerie as a serious business by endeavoring to encounter all the elements that influence women when buying lingerie, and for those that might be a little intimidated by our choice - we are proud to have a chance to contribute by helping women to find their feminine identity for themselves, and keeping that identity close to their chest. When considering the design of the lingerie, we select the most flattering collections that will deliver on fit while being occasion appropriate. And by the way, about looking sexy, our diverse selection of bras, corsets, garters, and panties are proof that wearing just a little something can be sexier than wearing nothing at all.

Today, plus size lingerie is available from Valens Lingerie Fashion Line (wholesale) in all the choicest styles, colors and fabrics. Full figured women enjoy sensuous garments and need special undergarments as much as other women do, and the manufactures that we represent and their designers more than meet their needs with beautiful, elegant, form fitting plus size lingerie options.  The collection reflects elegance with a hint of flair. The bras and panties are well designed with support to accentuate plus size woman’s attributes and at the same time, tuck, and hides areas that need not to be noticed. The colors are soft, vibrant and playful with modest details.

The manufactures that we represent in our wholesale business use only the best available materials that come from Italy, France, Spain and Latvia. All materials are unique specially made for the companies.




           NIKOL DJUMON "is a company with a strong family bond between past and present, which is reflected in the company name. The first part of the brand established on behalf of the owner, and the second was with a family legend of Madame Dumont, who lived in the 18 century in France. She was a talented Milliner and created handmade underwear for the fashionable clients. Sketches of Madame Dumont obtained by family inheritance inspire designers NIKOL DJUMON to create modern and elegant collection.  At the end of 2011 DJUMON NIKOL had remarkable and very important events that strengthen companies’ position and further promoted development of the brand - NIKOL DJUMON has received the international certificate of quality management  ISO 9001: 008.  

Creation of new lingerie collection is a result of a long, patient and consistent work of the team of designers and constructors. Each collection and the model is unique, with its own name and their own unique twist. One of the company's specialties is the production of plus size lingerie, which today is very much in demand. Company sells to more than 30 countries on 6 continents, including United States, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, Russia, and The United Arab Emirates. "Feel the power of beauty!" is the slogan of Nikol Djumon.  The three basic components: fashion, style, and quality make Nikol Djumon Company distinguished and unique.




         In the sixties Mr. Parera created the IVETTE firm as a homage to his wife Isabel. This personal and loved touch remains actually in the hands of the family and the dedicated team. Ivette is the lingerie line inspired by the Spanish bridal heritage with a Mediterranean scent. Every year we choose the most charming laces from Italy, France and Switzerland to create a new collection in the Barcelona atelier. The production is controlled in Spain by artisans. Ivette bridal is meant to seduce the bride with some exclusive details to make her feel pretty in her special day and feel romantic in that unique night. Strapless and low back bustiers and brass, matching garters and stockings, satin gowns and baby dolls. The garments are presented to brides in specialised retail shops all over Europe. During 2015 he first retail outlets in the USA will have the opportunity to present the line to American brides.




         The company was born in Modena in 1961 when Mrs. Manicardi, after moderate experience in women’s underwear pattern design, decided to establish the company with her husband Sergio. The first line was met with real success which triggered the building out of the Manicardi’s first factory.

During the fourth quarter of 1970 Manicardi developed a new line that delivered the creation of the first coordinated with elastic bra and this design triggered Manicardi supplying  some of Italy’s biggest stores like "Galleries La Fayette", "La Rinascente" and "Coin".

In the mid-1980 the two sons joined the company and the exportation of product outside of Europe began.  The original line "Magic Form" experienced a metamorphous and transformed to “Leilieve".

In 2000 Manicardi’s nine years of year over year growth created the demand and funding for the companies new factory; where the family team employed the best technological innovations and combined with fifty years of experience to create their entirely "designed and made in ITALY" collections.

Manicardi’s products are for modern and dynamic women vigilant to new trends, women who look for comfort and selected fabrics, innovative materials, careful design and perfect fit.

Information regarding fabric and other material:

·       All of our fabrics are made in Italy or made in UE

·       The yarn range is from 44 to 68 bars, this means that the machines that produce the fabric use from 44 to 68 needles.

·       We purchase exclusively high quality fabrics from the world leader companies in this sector; this means the fabrics have a very high standard quality.

·       All the fabrics are run-resist and painted with colorants respecting European regulations.

About the materials:

·       Elastics are Italian

·       Under wires are made in France

·       Laces, embroideries and tulle are made in Italy or made in France

·       Cups are made in Italy


         CORIN, founded in 1996, specialize in the production of select women’s brassieres, panties, corsets, nightwear and beachwear.

CORIN emphases is the production of designer women's lingerie in band 65 to 95 with cup sizes A to J.  All their collections are manufactured in Eastern Europe using the highest quality fabrics, tulle, laces and embroidery. Their design and manufacturing techniques are based on French design traditions.

Collection assortments are exceptionally stylish, comfortable and delicate and Corin’s bras are designed for the fuller cup woman.

CORIN endures to set the bar higher – “Perfect Bra Project” – the study analyzed how a bra's fit increases or reduces tension on women's bodies.  Rather than relying on self-report, the project's engineers and doctors used thermal imaging to support designing   a more comfortable bra.  CORIN integrated the research construction design into their current lines.