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 Nothing betrays a woman more than her lingerie; it is infinitely more revealing than a thousand hours spent on a psychiatrist’s couch...After all, it's not just the health or comfort, but also every woman's intimate alter ego. (K.Tessaro)


“How do they do it?” You can see how Corin’s Perfect Bra has being manufactured. Discovery Channel presents unique research that was carried out for more than a year  by Technical University of Lodz and Polish Mother Memorial Hospital in Lodz. Together they constructed uniquely comfortable and safe for women’s health bra.

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Sermija creates the most comfortable bras for everyday wear. Comfort and quality are the most important targets for the production of bras because these concepts one without the other are meaningless.  The phrase I am not so rich that I would be buying cheap items - has never been greater. Unfortunately, expensive these days does not always mean that it is of good quality.



All Leilieve products are born in Modena with totally Italian fabrics and embroidery.

High quality fabrics of the latest generation, laser cutting and ultrasonic seams, trendy colors, innovative prints surrounded by precious embroideries



Ewa Bien is a brand of exclusive women’s lingerie, that was born 30 years ago. Ewa Bien is a family company run by its founder with support from her daughters. Ewa Bien’s products are designed and manufactured with the goal for every woman to feel confident and aware of her beauty, regardless of her age and size.


Every year, Ewa Bien present two unique collections – for the spring/summer season and for the autumn/winter season. Ewa Bien’s designs are full of elegant patterns and saturated colors. And it is the color that has become Ewa Bien’s hallmark setting them apart in the noisy lingerie market.


Ewa Bien believes that only the highest quality materials and attention to every detail can allow Ewa Bien to achieve a captivating result and guarantee the everyday comfort to their global clients.


The embroidery, lace and tulle used in Ewa Bien’s lingerie come from Italian, Spanish and Swiss suppliers, and the design and production processes using the latest textile market achievements are based in Poland.


Ewa Bien derives pleasure in accompanying women in celebrating their femininity by creating lingerie with passion and tenacious admiration for the charm of the female body.

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Ivette BRIDAL lingerie is inspired by the Spanish bridal heritage with a Mediterranean ambiance.
Every year Ivette BRIDAL artisans choose the most charming and elegant laces from Italy, France, Austria and Switzerland to create a new collection. 
Ivette bridal is meant to seduce the bride with exclusive details to make her feel pretty on her special day and feel romantic on that unique night. 
The lines include Strapless and low Back Bustier, Bras, matching Garters and Stockings, satin Gowns, Briefs, Thongs and baby dolls.
This personal and loved company remains in the hands of the family and their dedicated team.

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